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Funk Plate is an Elon jazz and funk supergroup with members from all classes. Kavian Bina’s lead flute is complemented heavily by the jazz piano techniques of David Williams and smooth drums of Mike Hagen. Funk plate is heavily improvisational and eager to blow the minds of their listeners. Next Sunday, we really don’t know what we’re getting into, but it’s sure to be entertaining.
For over 5 years, Chelsey Cohen has worked towards becoming the well-rounded musician she is today. Not only is she proficient in many instruments, she has established a carrier working in live sound and recording. Chelsey’s main instrument is the guitar, which she started playing in the year of 2010, where she took lessons at her local music shop, Music Emporium, in New York. Originally from Long Island, New York, Chelsey now lives in Elon, North Carolina, where she majors in Music Production and Recording Arts & Music in the Liberal Arts. Chelsey interned at BlokHed Studios in Deer Park, New York and Angell Sound Studios in London. At these locations she worked with Geoffrey Blythe from Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Mickey Marchello from the Good Rats and Toby Tobias from the Toby Tobias Ensemble. In the past she was a guitar accompanist for Long Island Aarvarks, which is a “program for toddlers, kids and their grownups to come “rock out” and have fun. During her summers, Chelsey works at Iroquois Springs, a sleep-away camp in Rock Hill, New York and helps with the music program there called Rock Band, providing music lessons. In addition to her work and performances, Chelsey has helped to raise money for the American Breast Cancer Society and for Project Morry. Chelsey is an avid Friends watcher, a writer of music, a rugby player for the Elon University Women’s Club Rugby team and a world traveler.