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(Performance @ 11:00 AM) Blaketheman1000 is a singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. His songs ponder topics such as failed romances, youthful angst, and identity. If Vampire Weekend is the musical equivalent of a Wes Anderson movie, one might say that Blaketheman1000 is the musical equivalent of a Michael Cera movie. Fans of Mac Demarco, Frankie Cosmos, and Alex G are likely to enjoy Blaketheman1000.
Graveheart (Ciara Graves) is a 19 year-old Trap/Future Bass DJ and music producer based out of Wilmington, DE. Driven by her musical inspirations such as Porter Robinson, Skrillex, and Flume, she has created her own unique bass heavy, but danceable sound.
Revolving around the drum kit and sampler of Sam Chown (Zorch), Shmu riles the current boundary between live and electronic music. Punctuated by live instruments, the era-less, indescribable collage of seventies psychedelic rock, eighties dream pop, nineties post-punk, and modern shoegaze is filtered through Chown’s sampler and spat out the other side over and over again. This distillation process is constant and reflexive, leaving the end result, the full length LP titled “Shhh!”, to sound like the last four decades of human emotion, compressed and remembered in a hazy dream.
MMMM Yummy! We love raw meat and cant wait to taste some of it down in Elon University! We packed a cooler full of blood if the Five Springs company runs out of water! See you soon!
Downhaul is an emo band from Virginia. They actually have way fewer ex-girlfriends than their lyrics would lead you to believe.