Slushii is an EDM producer based out of Los Angeles. With support from label OWSLA, created by Skrillex and being the first signee of Marshmello’s new label, it is no surprise that Slushii is quickly on the rise.

Slushii had an absolutely great set, full of wacky noises, hard drops and everything in between. It was so well done that we felt as though we had heard it before. At some point, I looked over to my friend who is a huge Slushii fan, who knew all the words to each song and exactly how they were going to transition. Then, I realized that he even knew the commentary during the transitions as well, knowing exactly what he was going to say for the entire set. The reason that this set sounded so refined was that this great set has already been performed (or at least large parts of it). The whole thing really reminded me of the music video of “1 Million Views” by Goldfish.

Slushii also just released a new track with produce Ookay. Listen below.


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