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Marian Hill is a non-couple, duo, from the great area of Philadelphia. These two, with their pal Steve, on bass and sax, combine together to form an unstoppable and remarkable stage presence and energy.

Instagram: marianhillmusic PC: @zachbell1212
Instagram: marianhillmusic
PC: @zachbell1212

This group is not a one hit wonder by any means, but like many other groups, they did have one track that really got them on the map. Last year, Apple released their new wireless headphones in a commercial featuring a track off their self-titled album, called “Down.” This track is accurately displayed as a way to transport you while you walk (through the help of the handy headphones as well).

The music video for it, similarly, shows a normal elevator scene, but when the drop hits, everything goes wonky. Gravity is lost, but the jams remain. Super accurate. Super great videos. Super great track.

The show opened with the predictable choice, “Down.” The first drop was preluded with shadow dancing behind curtains and impressive lighting, matched up with the “Are you d-,” with the lovely sample of Samantha’s vocals post – leading into an epic drop to start the show and the emergence of the shadowy figures to start the show.

unnamedOne really strong aspect of their show was that not one of the three of them really stole the show. One of my friends asked as we got there if the lead singer’s name was “Marian Hill” I responded that they were a group, but did not know how true that was. It is easy for one person, the one with the mic generally, to steal the show, but this group is a combination where each piece of the puzzle is necessary to function. Samantha’s vocals combined with Jeremy’s absolutely remarkable production, added with Steve’s goofy sax energy created quite the atmosphere.

Though the three have a great energy together, it was absolutely clear that Jeremy, the production side of it all, could really take off. He riffed at the end of each song and had samples of the vocals and sax to mess with. He could have played the show solo if he wanted to. This is not to discount, by any means, Samantha’s vocals, or her incredible stage presence, but from a sheer skill level, it was clear that if he wanted to just be a producer, he could.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jeremy described his stage aesthetic to be “constantly busy,” explaining his live sampling and sound chops that he pulls while on stage. This was a vivid picture on Tuesday with Jeremy constantly moving, dancing and producing on stage. There is something special about a whole show being live-produced, and he did not disappoint.

They played two new songs as well that should be coming out soon and don’t worry, they are absolutely fire.

Check out some of the production-side, remixes of other great tracks:

Sweet Ophelia (Marian Hill Remix) – Zella Day

Human (Marian HIll Remix) – Aquilo

Songs to check out:

Got It


Back To Me

Incredible show, incredible production, incredible energy. 10/10 Would recommend to a friend.

Listen to Marian Hill on Spotify!

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