Humanz by Gorillaz Album Review: Legends Still Going Strong

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unnamedIn case you are unaware of who the Gorillaz are, you will probably know them best from their hits “Feel Good Inc.” or “Clint Eastwood” which continue to stand the test of time.  This band has created their own style of multiple genres and have become a massive success along the way.  Their most recent work is the album “Humanz” which was released April 28th 2017, and truly lived up to the high expectations.  This album does an exceptional job at many things, but one thing in particular that stood out to me was how different each song is.  Any Gorillaz fan will know that the Gorillaz always make something very unique from everything else that exists, but this time they took it a step further.  The album starts off with a very rough and gritty hardcore rap song, which features Vince Staples.  Meanwhile other songs will be primarily singing with only 1 rap towards the end of the song.  And some songs such as “Andromeda” barely have any lyrics at all, almost entirely instrumentals.  Some may find this annoying due to inconsistency, but this is exactly what fascinates my so much.  You never know what to expect from the Gorillaz because they switch it up every single song, and give you a completely new treat for you to enjoy.  In terms of individual songs I have to say that “Let Me Out” is by far the brightest star in this album, but “Ascension” and “Andromeda” are also personal favorites of mine.  Lyrically this album is strange, some songs thrive lyrically and touch on topics like racism in America, while others don’t have many lyrics.  So it’s hard to really give an opinion on it lyrically as a whole, but when it does have lots of lyrics it certainly holds up.  As for just how it all sounds the short answer is great.  It’s catchy, it’s fun, and best of all it’s nothing like you have probably ever heard before, which is always a plus for music fans such as myself.        

As a massive fan of Rap/Hip-Hop, I can certainly say you will enjoy at least a few songs from this album.  Which features from Danny Brown, De La Soul, and Pusha T, the Gorillaz truly capture the absolute best out of each and every one of them.  I personally don’t consider myself to be a Danny Brown fan, but his 1 verse fits so well and sounds so perfect for the song that you have to give him some credit.  But even if Rap isn’t your favorite genre you are destined to find something you will love in this album, simply because of how well they vary each of the songs, and is why this is without a doubt one of my favorite albums this year.  Gorillaz have an extensive list of classics that they have created over the years, and Humanz is truly a modern classic, and is definitely an album I will continue to listen to throughout my life.  

Listen to: Let Me Out (feat. Pusha T) 

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