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Summer is off to a rockin start, Fourth of July’s just right around the corner, Father’s Day just passed and things are moving quickly. In my household June went by in a blink of an eye, with prom, graduation and a senior week trip to Ocean City, Maryland there was almost no time to sleep. That’s why for Father’s Day I wanted to do something really special to celebrate my Dad. A big role model in my life and a huge reason I’ll be attending Elon in the fall I wanted to do something that he’ll be able to remember for years to come.

Hall and Oates for those of you that don’t know is actually not a brand of cereal despite their misleading name, but instead a popular pop/rock band from the 1970s and 1980s. Daryl Hall and and John Oates make up the band giving it their name, with Hall on lead vocals and Oates as back up as well as jamming out on the electric guitar.

My Dad and I when we drive in the car like to sing a lot of oldies music together and it was there that we discovered we both had a love for this band. My favorite song by them is You Make my Dream Come True, a classic if you’re looking to get pumped up in the car or just wanna have a mini concert in your room. My Dad happens to love Rich Girl, again another classic, just not my favorite. However this one was recently featured on Orange in The New Black, and I must say that the guard did a beautiful rendition of it in season 5 episode 4, you should check it out!

The venue was the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, not to be confused with New York, New Jersey (even though we basically pronounce them the same way). The concert openers were actually quite a popular 80’s band as well and it almost seemed that my Mom was more excited to see them then she was the headliners. Tears For Fears opened for them and performed for just a tad too long if you ask me. However I was one of the younger people in the audience and the age group they were targeting really seemed to enjoy them. They performed some of there best song like Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Shout, and put out a great opening vibe for the concert. (And odd song but always a classic, never seen my Dad sing so much in one night before, it was quite the experience for me).

Hall and Oates performed all their top hits too like Rich Girl, You Make My Dreams Come True, Sara Smile and Private Eyes. (Here’s a video of me and my Dad going all out to one of our favs, see if you can tell who was more excited me or him! Hall was the talker of the group and really did well with connecting with the audience and hyping them up. He’s clearly a little odd and for some reason wore sunglasses the entire concert, but all in all was a great performer. Oates really knows how to perform with his six string and at one point had such an amazing guitar solo I was stunned. My overall take of the concert was a great experience and if you and your family is a lot like mine I highly suggest you try and make a night of this. A great memory to make before you head off for the year and will be something you guys can share and talk about when you come back for holidays.

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Author: Lex Cove

Summer Promotions Team 2017 • Elon First Year

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