Glass Animals


Glass Animals is an English indie rock band that has one of the most unique sounds in popular music today. Their almost euphoric, jungle-feel songs are truly inexplicable. Their sound transports you and is unlike anything else I have ever heard before. Their songs have a similar feel to each other, but each bringing in a different aspect than the next.

The combination of experimental percussion, droplet-sounding production and lead vocalist, Dave Bayley’s falsetto, comes together to create an unusual and intriguing sound.

In an interview with Consequence of sound, Bayley describes the first track off their newest album “How To Be A Human Being,” as “a weird way about someone coming out into the world,” while the last track is meant to be “about the opposite of that, which is someone leaving the world.”

Their usage of unusual sounds creates a completely different atmosphere than any other show and really transports the audience. Saying that the songs are meant to be about someone first experiencing or coming into the world is exactly how their music feels; in that there is something new to experience – directly related to all their new and different usages of sounds. Their music is an experience more than anything and I fully recommend all of their tracks.

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