Galantis is a Swedish EDM duo comprised of Linus Eklöw and Christian Karlsson, who is also part of the trio Miike Snow, which was also at Firefly this year. They had a similar feel to other shows that we had seen with the fact that they were mixing DJing and live producing with live percussion. The stage was set up so that the bottom part of the stage was set up like a production set would, with a few large drums behind them so they could easily switch between.

This show was especially nice for its EDM feel, as it was one of the few that was outside of the EDM stage. This show took place outdoors (no roof), which gave the audience more space to jump around and dance, unlike some of the shows that happened in that EDM tent.

They played the tracks expected (“Love On Me,” “Rich Boy,” etc.), while also mixing in more dance-y tracks, giving off an almost European-dance-club feel. The show was one of the last for the day before Chance took that same stage to close out the busiest day of the festival (both show-wise and attendance-wise.) The energy level stayed high, they did a great job of incorporating live percussion into their set and all in all it made for quite an interesting show.

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