What is WSOE?

WSOE stands for the Wonderful Sounds of Elon. It is Elon University’s premier radio station and authority on the world of alternative music- though many of our shows do feature alternate tunes. You can listen to it online or by tuning your radio to 89.3 or through the ‘TuneIn Radio’ app.

What is my show going to be about?

Your show can be about whatever you want it to be! We have a wide variety of shows with a wide range of DJ personalities.

Is it easy to get onto the radio?

Yes. For more information, check out contact page: http://wsoeelon.com/join/ . 

Do I have to complete any kind of training?

Yes. DJ training is required for all DJs and long term guests. We also have shadow shows where you sit in on a seasoned show with the regular host to gain more hands-on experience.

Can I say and do whatever I want during my show? 

YES!.. but with boundaries. Topics are endless, but each DJ must abide by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules and regulations for content put on the show. That includes music and what is said by DJs. But you’ll learn about all of that during DJ training so don’t worry! 

Are there any requirements for becoming a DJ?

Anyone can become a DJ! We are always excited to hear about new show ideas and getting new people involved with their own shows. 

Is there space for me to advance inside WSOE?

Of course. WSOE is run by a specialized and excellent group of executive staff memebers. At the end of each fall term applications for executive positions become available to all general staff members. If you are interested in learning more about a position or want to help out with some of the work that goes into running/operating a station, feel free to contact the staff with any inquiries. Their contact information is under ‘Contact Us’-‘Executive Staff’.


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    1. Broadcast shows can be retrieved if you know the date and time that the show was played. You can email our Programs Director and ask them to pull the show for you.

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