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Mission of ELN Radio – Broadcast. Connect. Establish.

Let’s introduce you to the anchors of ELN Radio:


217843_3924261743990_1772447350_n Elizabeth Kantlehner ’14

Elizabeth Kantlehner is a senior Middle Eastern studies major from Louisville,  Kentucky. She currently serves as Executive Producer of ELN Radio, and she is  a producer and technical director for Elon Local News. During her time at  Elon, she has interned with United States Senator Kay R. Hagan (D-NC) and  at the King Hussein Foundation-Research and Information Center while  studying abroad.




269533_10151236349999805_641253125_n Gary Grumbach ‘ 16

Gary Grumbach is a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major from Readington,  New Jersey, and is serving as Executive Producer of ELN Radio. He has  interned at Governor Christie’s Office of Communications.





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Connect with ELN Radio:



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 Past Elon Local News on WSOE broadcasts

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ELN on WSOE – 03/19/13

ELN on WSOE – 04/09/13

ELN on WSOE – 04/16/13

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