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It’s the hottest time of the year, which means that I can only be seeing the hottest artists out there. Ed Sheeran falls into that category completely, and not just because of his hot red hair, but because of his amazing musical talent.

Here's a pic w/ me and the hubby
Here’s a pic w/ me and the hubby

I think that before I start, I should clarify that Ed Sheeran is my absolute favorite artist so this review may come off slightly biased, but let’s be real it’s all just facts. Ed Sheeran officially “hit the mainstream with the A-team” (a quote from his You Need Me and I Don’t Need You) back in 2011 and since then has only risen to the top. The 26 year old British singer-songwriter not only writes all of his own music but also writes for many other artists.

So as stated before, huge fan of Ed, probably the biggest there ever was (slight exaggeration but well needed), I was excited to attend this concert for months. It was not my first time seeing him, but I was going with some friends of mine who had never seen him before so I kept trying to hype them up even more. His opening act was a slight disappointment, James Blunt performed first and as the women who sold me my fries said, “ahhh the one hit wonder,” and she was right. As far as I know the only song anyone seems to know by him is You’re Beautiful which really only seems to repeat those two words for the entirety of the song. However, when it came on I couldn’t help but sing along.

Ed Sheeran came out and I have to say that the greatest moment at any concert is when an artist first steps on stage. He comes out with his guitar in one hand, head down smiling shyly at the floor as the crowds cheers grow louder and louder until all you can hear is a ringing in your ear. And then he begins. He performed many of his hits including Castle on the Hill, Don’t, Thinking Out Loud, Sing and The A Team (the crowd holding up their phones to The A Team) as well as many other songs off both his Divide and Multiply albums (Dive (in the beginning you can hear me ask the cute boy who works there to record for me so I can sing on the top of my lungs and him say no), Happier ). One thing he changes about each concert is he has a choice song in which he choses any song of his to play. For mine he sang Hearts Don’t Break Around Here. One he said he has only ever played two times live before and was very excited to perform it.

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He ended the night with an encore of Shape of You and You Need Me and I Don’t Need You, a song that strongly demonstrates his creative writing ability consisting of lines like “cause I make shit happen call me a laxative” and other witty things (Here you can here me obnoxiously singing/screaming along  ). Along with being such an amazing writer, this ginger can play guitar like nobody’s business. In between each song he would change guitars and used a device called a looper pedal. He would play a harmony and click the button allowing him to layer harmonies on top of each other creating a depth to his songs.

Just me and my friends making the divide symbol with our bodies and yeah I made them do this and yeah I’d make the do it again

For many singers it’s hard to get up and perform in front of a large crowd with a band. Ed Sheeran performs on stage with just himself and his guitar, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. He’s in his own element and thrives off it, feeding off their energy creating an atmosphere you can’t get from anywhere else. Ed Sheeran puts on the best concerts I have ever seen and everyone deserves and should see him.


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