Xenia Rubinos Interview

Before her show at Kings in Raleigh, Xenia Rubinos sat down with WSOE DJ Patrick Larsen to talk about her new record Black Terry Cat, the effect that touring has on songs and the role of identity in her music.  Check out the full interview below or listen here.

WSOE: I’ve seen that a lot of people have called your most recent album [Black Terry Cat] a political album. Do you agree with that?

unnamedXenia Rubinos: Not really because I’m talking about my personal experience. I’m making some reflections on societal things; income inequality, the experience of being a person of color in America, being a woman, image issues. So what I’m going through and thinking about.  I think that perhaps since there are maybe fewer people who look like me or have my background that are given a chance to tell their story then people call my story political. I just make music and it’s my way of understanding the world.

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