UntitledIn the summer of 2015, I was with my friends at a small lake in Michigan. One of the people we were with gave the somewhat common phrase of “check out my friend’s mixtape! This guy is in my stats class and he’s actually pretty good.” Fast forward to this summer, where Quinn XCII (the guy in the stats class) and ayokay are some of the most heard summertime tracks out there. These two started off their music careers in the Midwest, where they rap about (“parents in Minnesota,”) with ayokay producing the tracks and Quinn XCII rapping. One is simply not the other without the counterpart. They work as a duo, which makes it surprising that they did not choose to just completely combine forces in the first place. Especially when the first mixtape, “Change of Scenery,” released, each track was done together, so it was no surprise when ayokay decided to bring out Quinn at his show, who also performed at Firefly this year.

Ayokay also brought out Chelsea Cutler to perform their collaborative track, ”The Shine.” The show had a great energy to kick off the EDM tent with a great producer, but still a gentle start to the day. The visuals, combined with the production and two guests made for quite the eventful hour.

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